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Betopia is the perfect betting platform combining the traditional betting industry with blockchain technology. It is the Blockchain Betting Dream World for Esports, International Sports and virtual Casinos.

Our Vision

With Betopia we want to create a place that reinterprets and therefore disrupts the whole betting and gambling industry. Our goal is to create a secure and fair environment for our users providing them a positive user experience throughout all our services leveraging the power of blockchain.

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Key Value Streams

Betopia Betaverse Experience

The Betopia Betaverse Experience is providing a customer journey filled with excitement, fun and social interactions. Besides the virtual gambling and betting experience our customers can experience live Esports Tournaments in our Arena, purchase Fan Articles of their favorite clubs in our NFT Fanshop or chill in our roof top bar, getting to know people all around the world.

metaverse casino

Sports Betting (Off & On-Chain)

For us Sports Betting is a crucial part on our platform, as it is one of the key elements in the betting industry, exciting hundreds and thousand of people to get rewarded for their knowledge. Our customers will be able to stay in their customs and bet in their currency of choice or gain even more by betting against the chain in our native token $BTP.

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AI-Based Esports Live Micro-Betting

It is impressive, how the Esport industry finally managed to get the attention and respect it deserves on a global scale. At Betopia we love and celebrate our Esports champions and want their fans to not only watch them but also benefit from their success. We taking betting to the next level in giving our users the chance to bet in real-time on micro events in a P2P fashion.

E-Sports Live Streaming with Micro-Betting

Live Weekly Raffles

Weekly Raffles are an important tool to create positive and exciting user experiences. Offering additional incentives not only provides our users with additional possibilities to win, but also increases the level of utilisation of $BTP.


We succeed, when our users succeed. Therefore, creating a rewarding environment is a top priority for us. Betopia is all about our users and it is the beauty of blockchain, that gives us the chance to give back to our users as much as we possibly can, thanks to an applied token economy that benefits both sides.

Casino (Off- & On-Chain)

Just as our Sportsbook, we also want our users to be able to use our Casino services in whatever fashion they want to. One of the biggest challenges of Web3 adoption is meeting the users whereever they are in their journey, which is a key driver of our strategy.


NFT Fanshop Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace PlanShop will be accessible in our NFT Platform as as well as in our Metaverse. Imagine buying your favorites player of all time, signed trikot, and your Avatar wearing it in our Betopia Betaverse Experience. We think, that would be pretty cool and that is part of the experience we want to provide.

NFT Fanshop marketpalce


Our platform will be based on different types of technologies. We decided to chose for each part the state of the art, choosing from external providers already proven technology for the traditional elements and integrating a custom-built blockchain platform solution designed specifically for our business model and goals.

technology overview - architecture

Key Milestones

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Q1 2022

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Idea phase
  • Company Vision

Q2 2022

  • Mission
  • Whitepaper
  • Website / Pitch Deck
  • Social Media Channels
  • Partner Selection

Q3 2022

  • Private Equity Phase
  • Pre-Sale Token Raise
  • Community Building
  • Blockchain Platform Development
  • Marketing Campaigns

Q4 2022

  • Product Alpha Testing
  • Product Beta Testing
  • Betopia Go-Live

Token Allocation

Total Token
1 000 000 000$BTP
Initial Market
Cap at TGE
Fully Diluted
Market Cap
6 Month Cliff, Linearly distributed daily over 36 months
3 Month Cliff, Linearly distributed daily over 23 months
Linearly distributed daily over 23 months
3 Month Cliff, Linearly distributed daily over 24 months
Growth Fund
3 Month Cliff, Linearly distributed daily over 24 months
1 Month Cliff, Linearly distributed daily over 18 months
Play Rewards
Vested linearly over
36 months
Staking Rewards*
* See whitepaper for Detailed Distribution Schedule
Exchange Liquidity Reserve
Initial DEX below and remainder used for CEX & Multi-Chain
Token Raise
For details please click on the button Token Raise
token period

Token Use Cases

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Game Currency

in-game purchases icon

in-game purchases
(NFT Marketplace)

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raffle tickets icon

Raffle & Lottery Tickets

social rewards icon

Bet 2 Earn

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DAO Governance


Our Team

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A Pioneer and Key Influencer of the online gambling and betting industry. He is recognised for his establishment of the World's first legal online offshore betting law and since then founded and formed part of the board to various successful businesses within the industry internationally, including Sky Bet, which was sold by CVC for £3.4 Billion.

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A chartered Accountant and Senior Executive with 16 years of experience in the online gaming industry. He acted in different leadership roles for industry giants helping them manage the compliance landscape, increasing business efficiency and master the complexity of M&As. Today he has its own specialist advisory and VC called Kloned Gaming Consultancy and Virya VC.

team photo

A former professional athlete with a burning interest in crypto economics. Have founded Blockbrand VC and provides investment advice, crypto economic strategies and business support.

team photo

Technology Enthusiast with many years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies adopting innovative technologies across industries and a strong believe in Blockchain Technology and Ideology.

team photo

A Technology Visionaire with broad experience in developing innovative products applying cutting-edge technologies, as well as successfully managing IT teams in several startups and well-established Gambling companies.

team photo

Executive Manager that brings people together to create and deliver above expectations. Long experience as a business manager and business development.

team photo

Game Business Development Executive with a long background as an entrepreneur and working the gaming/gambling sector. Over the last 15 years he has worked with all the major Swedish brands in one capacity or another.

team photo

A successful entrepreneur founding and scaling numerous startups to well-established business with a strong understanding of marketing & sales strategies as well as business development & leadership.

team photo

Operations executive with focus on value generation for customers, the organization and our partners. Extensive experience in building up and managing operations across different sectors including online gaming and IT.

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Experienced company and department builder in the Igaming and online games industries. Driven by a visionary desire to be a part of projects that improve and evolve industry verticals into next generation product offerings, combining new tech and innovation to serve the customers and the stakeholders in a better way.

team photo

CEO BitBlock. Play to Earn games using NFTs, token rewards and DeFi. Strong experience in games, blockchain + token economic design as well as VC/IPO/ICO/IDO/IEO investments and fundraising.


Value Proposition

Tradition & Innovation

Through valuing the strength of both sides - the traditional gambling market and the world of emerging technologies & services - we want to create a unique product and experience addressing a broad range of users.

Blockchain & Web3 Integration

For us blockchain technology will be a key part of tomorrow's innovation. Therefore, we decided to adapt at early stage, leveraging the existing capabilities and forming part of fine-shaping further advances.

Services for Everyone

When looking at the traditional gambling market, certain profiles can be identified. With our products, we are planning to give the gambling market a modern touch providing Esports betting, and a blockchain based social reward system.

Fair & Responsible Betting

The biggest problem of the gambling market is, that it is dominated by a small number of major companies. We want to break through monopolism and set the focus of this market, back to the people, ensuring complete randomness and technology driven payouts, without human intermediary.

Positive User Experience

No platform can be successful, when they are not capable in meeting user needs. All our focus is about creating a positive, rewarding environment for our players, where they feel respected and not exploited, and of course where everyone gets the same fair chance in making money.

Continuous Market Adoption

Current markets, no matter which industry, are more dynamic than ever. We understand that, and make sure, that we constantly ask ourselves, if we still do the right things, to meet market needs. Therefore, we will conduct continuous market analysis and show the flexible to react to changing requirements.